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News flash. I’m taking off in two weeks for a new adventure. This time, it will not be short and sweet or two months long (just within the 90 day limit). This time I’m looking for the opportunity to live, breath and immerse myself in traveling and a new country.

Austria is my destination. With its breathtaking waterfalls, towering Alps and wonderful people, I’m excited to call this beautiful country home for a few years. Being an expat and so far away from home will be a challenge. Life is full of challenges and new opportunities. Sometimes you have to create these challenges and opportunities for yourself. I’m crafting my future to the way I want it, and I don’t want fear to stand in the way.

As I dream of being an expat in Austria, I become more and more excited about the opportunity.

These are 8 reasons I’m excited about moving abroad.

1 // A New Challenge

A new challenge is an understatement. Moving abroad will be the ultimate challenge, and I enjoy challenging myself. I will make friends, but ultimately I will be on my own. I will make my own decisions, budget my own money and make the best decisions for my future. I’m excited for this freedom, but also terrified. I will no longer have someone to fall back on but myself. Living abroad is a new challenge for me. It is one that I never dreamed I would run for, but after this last year of traveling, I feel that I might finally be ready.

2 // Breathtaking Photos Everyday

It’s simple, but I am very excited about this one. Austria is picturesque, and I will be snapping new amazing photos everyday. Follow my INSTAGRAM to view these amazing shots. >>

3 // Learn A New Language

I’ve been learning German for about 8 months. I’m ready to put my language skills to the test and stop talking German to myself in the car. I’m not the best conversation creator. I hope to be semi-fluent in German by the time my experience is over.

4 // Coffee, Espressos and Cappuccinos

Coffee should be my middle name, because I am ecstatic about this one. Austrian coffee houses are fantastic places to hang and enjoy life. It’s a calm environment and full of tasty treats. I might just use all my spending money on coffee.

5 // Travel To New Sights Every Weekend

It might not be every weekend, but I hope it will be close. Europe is unique in that you can see many different sights and cultures all within a few hours. It would be nice to visit Germany one weekend and Italy the next.

6 // Food

I don’t know how, but food in Europe just tastes better. I’m excited to be in an environment where I’m encouraged to eat healthy, junk food is not a temptation and I can learn to cook.

7 // Amazing New Friends

I absolutely love having friends from all over the world. It makes the world feel smaller, more tangible and real. I will encourage myself to meet new people and make new friends. Big plus, those are free couches to sleep on when traveling.

8 // Fulfilling A Dream

It has been my dream to live abroad since my teens. Fulfilling this dream will be very rewarding for me, and I can’t wait to achieve it.

Join me on my adventures in the next coming years. I hope my travel experiences will encourage you to seek your dreams also. We are DREAM SEEKERS anyway. Let’s go dream seeking together.

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