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You are about to embark on an amazing adventure, because New Zealand is not short of a thrilling time. Its wide-open spaces, turquoise waters, snow capped mountains and charming people make it an ideal destination for any traveler young or old. Before you set sail, these are 5 things to know before you go to New Zealand.

In this blog post, I will attempt to prepare you as much as I can for the random obstacles that you might face in this fantastic country. As much as New Zealand is modern, the country is still very much rural. You can drive half a day and never see a soul. You’re more likely to encounter a half dozen sheep. This beautiful country can change drastically in climate, landscape and culture. Its best to be on your toes and anticipate all obstacles.


The weather in New Zealand is drastic. When I was in Wellington, the weather would turn from sunny one day to cold and windy the next. It was early spring, but this is not uncommon for New Zealand. The north island is warmer than the south with different climates. I wore my light rain jacket in the north, then I had to wear my heavier jacket in the south. It changes. Be ready.


The internet sucks in New Zealand. It’s the 21st century, and the internet still sucks in New Zealand. If you are staying in the large cities (i.e. Wellington, Auckland), you will find wifi in abundance. Free wifi can usually be found in the tourism office, the library and sometimes just walking down the main street. However, once you hit the south island, say goodbye to wifi. Sometimes you will find it in the hostels, but we prepared to pay 5 New Zealand dollars for access.


Unfortunately, New Zealand can be pretty expensive. In between skydiving and bungee jumping, there is no short supply of expensive, fun activities to try. I would say, come prepared knowing you’ll go over budget.


The customs in New Zealand was honestly the most difficult experience I have ever been through (besides Germany). I was asked to present my return ticket and to give in detail the cities that I would be visiting during my trip. Have a plan in your head before you approach the desk, so you won’t be alarmed.


This was such a fun discovery about New Zealand. Micro brews are booming in New Zealand, and Wellington is the coffee capital. Look for small breweries and coffee houses to enjoy. They will be a perfect treat.

New Zealand is honestly a full-blown thrill that will sweep you off your feet and keep you going the whole trip. After your trip, you’ll be surprised that it went by so quickly. Buckle up, because this is a fast one. Make sure to take these five tips with you. What are your tips for New Zealand?

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