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If you love travel as I do, you are most likely trying to take a trip at any moment. When I venture out and then somehow find myself back at home, I am usually dreaming of the next destination within a couple days. My nomadic life and hopping from country to country has turned me into a women with restless feet. Because of this new lifestyle, I have learned to save money in every way possible. The more money I can save on trips equals more money I can allot to new trips. In my mind, it is a realistic solution. This is my ultimate travel flight hacks. MY


Transportation and accommodation are always the major expense in travel. It doesn’t matter how long and far I search, this always seems to be the ultimate conclusion. When searching for the best flight hack, you have to consider the time that it will take you. Great prices are rarely found on the first search. It is a constant research battle, looking for the best price to your destination. When looking for the best price, flexibility in your travel time is your best ally. It is usually cheaper to fly mid-week and sometimes on a Sunday. Summer and the Christmas season are always the most expensive. The best time to buy your tickets are 6-8 weeks before your departure, depending if you are domestic or international. It is a lot of work to find the best solution, but lucky you, I did most of the initial work for you. Download these apps and follow these websites for the best flight deals:

Travel Flight Apps


I have been using Skyscanner for the last year, and I am in love. It is an extremely versatile app, that provides multiple flight options. It also provides the ability to save searches or individual flights, and the app will ‘ping’ you when the price has dropped. I am currently looking at a flight to Berlin from Miami, hovering around $225.


I have been using Kayak for even longer than Skyscanner. Again this app provides the ability to look through all airlines, not just the major pricey airlines. It will also mix and max between budget and regular to give you the best price possible.

Airfare Watchdog

I am fairly new to this one, but I have heard a few decent reviews. When searching for the best flight price, you should never be searching just on one app or website. You need to be searching on several, comparing prices and grabbing that deal when you see it.

One thing to remember with the apps listed above, regular search engines like Orbitz and Travelocity are not pulling all budget airlines into their algorithms. For this reason, I prefer the above flight apps over the traditional ones.

Travel Flight Websites

The Flight Deal Daily Deals Newsletter

I’ve been following this newsletter for about a half a year, and I cry every time the prices come through. This newsletter is mostly FLASH SALES given by major airlines. We are talking $166 round trip from Orlando, Florida to LAX in California. Now that’s a deal!

STA Travel

I used this website fairly often when I booked my first solo flights. I’ve been able to find decent deals hovering around $600 round trip from LAX to Germany. The deals are there, but you have to watch the price. I have not found the ability to save searches and for the website to ‘ping’ you when prices drop. That is a negative, but the website offers other great advantages for young travelers. You can find great deals on travel insurance and arranged trips.

Budget Airlines

Sometimes, it is better to go straight to the source. Budget airlines are popping up all over the world, and particularly from the United States to Europe. I flew from Berlin to Miami on EuroWings for $250 one-way. WOW air has cheap flights to Iceland and Europe. Norwegian Air is great from Miami to Europe. In the United States, Spirit Airlines and Southwest seem to be the best, unless one of the major airlines are having a flash scale. (Sign up for that Flight Deal Daily Deals newsletter!)

Ultimately, my point in writing this post to let you know of options. I used to spend $1,000s of American dollars to fly to Europe. That is not the case anymore, and you should not be spending that. Use these tips and become a smarter traveler. I am excited to hear the destinations you explore!

What are your flight travel hacks? Share them in the comments, and I will re post them on my social media (linked to your profile).