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I sat in front of my computer in hesitation. My fingers lingered over the keyboard, in front of the large ‘submit’ button. I was just about to book a flight to New Zealand, and start a life of new travel adventures. I was knew to this, and I had no clue. Hitting submit on that button was one of the best decisions that I have ever made in my life. I chose to follow my adventures heart, and seek adventures that were still undiscovered. If you are in the state of hesitation, I am here to tell you that you can do it. It is completely within your grasp, and you can make your travel dreams a reality. If you are feeling the confidence, grasp it by the tail and real it in! Book your flight abroad, and take these 10 tips for the new traveler to heart.

Before you disembark, you will have many questions racing through your head. You will have family members asking question after question. You will be able to answer a few, but maybe not the others. That is okay. Traveling is a growing experience, and as you practice it, you become more and more confident. You can feel even more confident than you are now with these 10 amazing tips.

1 // Be Excited

The fact that you are even thinking about traveling abroad as a new traveler, means YOU ARE BRAVE. You are a brave person, and this traveling life it totally within your grasp.

2 // Ask Questions

The internet is a wealth of knowledge. In between Instagram, Pinterest, travel blogs and my travel posts, you have an unlimited amount of information at your fingertips. Do you have questions? Don’t be afraid to ask your questions. I am here to listen and help. Hey, that’s why I started a travel blog.

3 // Prepare for the Unexpected

You’re thinking, “how can I possibly prepare for the unexpected?” Well, the unexpected is not always truly unexpected, because there are thousands and thousands of other travelers before you that have completed the journey. Take out a piece of paper and think through multiple possibilities. If it started to rain in Italy, what would you do? If you stumbled down the Eiffel tower stairs, how would you pay for the hospital bill? I don’t believe in ‘preventable’ surprises, and you shouldn’t also when you travel.

4 // Be Open

One of the best things about travel is it encourages new, bold thought. When you travel, remember to keep your mind wide open. You will meet other people with different cultures, religions, customs and ideals than you. Keep your mind wide open.

5 // Find Your Favorite Travel Outfits, but…

But…make sure you can blend in at the country you are visiting. I believe in vigilant travel. If you travel to the middle east, you should not be walking around the streets in short-shorts and a tank top. Research the local customs before you go, and remember to blend in.

6 // Engage on Social Media

You will meet amazing friends on social media. Make sure to ask if you can add those amazing people on Facebook. Do you have a blog? Ask them to follow. The travel community is large, but small at the same time. Engage and keep up with the people you make friends with around the world through social media.

7 //  Pack Light

This is a constant reminder for myself, but I always seem to forget. If you plan on 10 days in Italy, pack for 5 days. That includes two pairs of jeans, a few shorts, t-shirts and two sets of shoes. Are you worried about dirty cloths? Wash your cloths in the sink. Traveling light lifts an invisible burden off your mind. Check out my 5 travel hacks for Italy.

8 // Bring a Good Camera

With iPhones becoming more and more fantastic, it is hard to argue for a DSLR camera. However, you’re going abroad for the first time, and it will have to be documented. If you don’t want to hash out the money for a DSLR, I suggest a mirror less camera. The quality is so good, it’s hard to compete.

9 // Tell People Where You are Going

This tip has multiple reasons. (1) You must tell everyone about your trip abroad, because through their excitement, you will become even more excited. (2) It is a good idea to inform close friends and family where you are going, just in case the unforeseen happens. I also like to tell the United States government where I am, by signing up for the STEP program. Then, I receive all important updates from the country that I am visiting.

There you go. Traveling is thrilling, but it is always great to know a few insider tips before you go. This post is your guide, and you can engage with me on social media to have your questions answered. Have you joined the DREAM SEEKERS Facebook page?  It is a wealth of information from other fellow travel seekers, asking for advice and encouraging each other to travel.

What are your new traveler tips? Leave a few in the comments, and I will share them through social media.

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