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Serenity. As you sip that perfect cappuccino, the world goes still and you immerse yourself in the vibrant environment of the coffee shop. The cappuccino is hot, but not too hot. It has just enough steamed milk that leaves you content. The best part of the experience is the atmosphere. Does this sound like the perfect setting for you? It is for me, and I found it in Berlin, Germany. This is your Berlin coffee guide. BERLIN COFFEE GUIDE

One of my favorite excursions when I visit a new city is the coffee shops. Within one visit, I usually have a handful of amazing spots to visit. You’ll find me in these spots in the early afternoon, taking a breather from exploring the city. I love all types of coffee, but my staple is the cappuccino. I know. You can’t get much more basic than that, but it’s amazing. The next is the espresso, but I prefer that after dinner and on my Italian tours. Besides the coffee, my favorite part of a new coffee shop is the environment. For me, the environment is what makes or breaks a location. The shop can have semi-good coffee, but a fantastic atmosphere. I will visit every time for the experience. During your next trip to Berlin, utilize this Berlin coffee guide.

First on the list…


This coffee shop is famous and for good reason. I first learned about this place during a coffee festival in Berlin. It was such a hipster experience, but I loved every second of it. I would go back in a heartbeat. These coffee roasters are experts in their field, and everything is roasted to perfection. How else would you want coffee? All the coffee from this place is delicious, perfect and in season. Visit to learn more.


Long tables extend across the room, and the retro vibe of this coffee shop will have you dreaming. My first positive impression of this place was the openness. In the summer, tables and chairs extend right out into the Berlin streets. The environment is perfect to sit for hours to study or work. I had a cappuccino (no surprise), and I could not complain. Visit to experience it.


Next on the list is Cafe Hermann Eicke. Now, we are experiencing my top coffee shops. Cafe Hermann Eicke is my ‘go to’ place for coffee in Berlin. Many days, I sit for long hours on the comfy couch, people watch, partake in the free wifi and sip coffee. The coffee is good, but the reason I visit is truly for the environment. Plus, you have to try one of their amazing quiches. Yum! Take a sip and learn more.


Amazing environment alert. I was walking by this coffee house one day, took one look and checked it out. It’s a great place to sit inside and outside, while sipping your cup of coffee. This is high-quality coffee that is the perfect side to your breakfast. You heard me. Yes, they also serve an amazing breakfast. Yum, yum here.


It’s Sunday afternoon, and where will you find yourself? You’ll be at Bonanza, because the coffee is so good, you won’t want to put it down. This coffee has a perfect touch, and you’ll witness it as they make your drink right in front of you. What better way to experience a coffee shop? This place also receives high perks for its environment. You’ll know what I mean when you visit. Get your directions here.


New to the scene, Cafe Hygge is my go to coffee shop. This little place has an amazing vibe, and sits in the quiet streets of Mitte. You can sit all day in this charming cafe, and why not? They not only serve great coffee, but they have delicious sandwiches. It was fantastic, and I am craving that avocado deliciousness as we speak. High tail it to this amazing place. 

Now my mouth is watering, and I am packing my computer bag to skip along to these coffee shops. Are you? One of my favorite aspects of Berlin is the coffee atmosphere. These six coffee shops are just the beginning, and I have several, several more to experience. They had an entire festival dedicated to coffee, so I will be coffee searching for a long time. Till then, these coffee shops will put me in a happy place. I hope they do the same for you. What are your favorite coffee shops in Berlin?

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