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You just booked an inexpensive flight to a new city. Congratulations! This is going to be a fun trip. However, you booked it on a budget airline, meaning you have to pay for anything that is larger than a small backpack. How will this work? This blog post is coming to you right in the middle of me trying to conquer this challenge. A few weeks ago, I snagged a $30 RT ticket to Philadelphia from South Florida. What a great price! [You can learn how to find these deals HERE.] However, it is a budget airline, and I have to think about luggage. These guys like to ensnare you with high luggage prices, unless you bring a small backpack. HOW TO PACK LIGHT FOR A WEEKEND TRIP.

In all, I have to fit two days of clothes into a small backpack. It is possible. When I travel like this, I try to think towards the bare minimal essentials and what I can wear on the plane that [is heavy.] Meaning I am including my undergarments, extra t-shirt and flats in my bag, but I am wearing my heavy jacket, jeans and sweater. Thinking this way will insure you are successful and take a lot of that [extra fee] stress off your mind. Here we go. Watch this quick video to see how it’s done in 40 second or less:

Overall, you packing list will look something like this:

Outfits //

Our larger outfit items like jeans, jackets and sweaters will be worn on the plane to eliminate excessive room and weight. This also means that you might only wear one pair of jeans the entire weekend trip. Depending on the traveler, your view and comfort might change on this strategy. For me, I prefer to always go as light as possible, because it takes extra stress off my mind and I can truly enjoy a location. For a short trip, I wear one pair of jeans and bring a pair of stretch pants for lounging.

Accessories //

I am a basic accessory gal, but I love to wear my scarves and pearl necklaces. I know, basic. These few items I wear on the plane. It cuts down on weight, but it also stops these small things from getting lost in airports and on buses. I can count on two hands how many times I’ve lost little accessories like this during these situations.

Shoes //

Shoes are the heaviest in your bag. Through my travels, I have learned you always need a small pair of comfortable black flats. These are versatile! They are perfect for going out to dinner, lounging around the hostel or walking the city. However, my main pair of shoes I always wear on the plane. This means I am not talking more than 1-2 pairs of shoes on a weekend trip.

Blogger Essentials //

As bloggers, we have our essentials. These usually consist of a DSLR camera, tripod, iPad and journal. [Read The Best Travel Photography Equipment for Travel Bloggers] On small trips, I avoid bringing my laptop computer [even if it pains me]. The absence of weight is fantastic, and it’s a worry lifted off my mind. Plus I never actually get to using it anyway. I’m too busy exploring the city. Surprisingly, all these extra items fit into this little backpack. You can purchase this snazzy backpack from Amazon.

Hygiene Products //

Don’t forget to throw your hygiene products into a small zip lock bag. This will save you trouble during the security check at the airport. On small trips, I stop by the local pharmacy and buy small bottles of toothpaste, shampoo and deodorant. Sometimes because it’s so short of a trip, I will wash my hair before I get on the plane, and not touch it until I’m back in a few days. A few days of not washing your hair isn’t going to kill it. If you can’t fit these small things, just wait till you are at your destination. Most likely your hostel will have something, or you can walk to a pharmacy.

There you have it. These are your bare essentials for packing light on a weekend getaway. It might sound a little daunting, but it is completely doable. Traveling this way has led me to become a happier traveler, carefree and worry less. Which is great for enjoying those special moments. Your turn. What are your bare essentials when packing for a weekend getaway?

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