If the title of this post caught your attention, you might love coffee as much as I do. Join the club! We have plenty of room. It is either this, or you love the idea of Philadelphia. That is a great reason also. When I decided to visit Philadelphia, it was on a whim. I snagged a fantastic $30 RT airfare ticket on Frontier. [Read how I did that HERE.] I had never been to Philly, and I was excited to dive deep into the vast and interesting history of the founding of the United States of America. Philadelphia is a MUST for any traveler.PHILADELPHIA COFFEE GUIDE

Now, back to coffee. Did I mention that I LOVE coffee? It could be the coffee house atmosphere or the lovely roast, but when I visit a new city, I hit the coffee shops. During my one and a half day stay in Philadelphia, I enjoyed three coffee shops in one day. I could’ve done more, but I felt pretty caffeinated after that point. [!!] This is your Philadelphia coffee guide.

Every morning has to start off with a fantastic roast, so this is where I explored.

1 // Menagerie Coffee


I rolled in around 8:00am, and I instantly loved the vibe of this place. The place was set in a narrow, mercantile building complete with brick walls, charming furniture and smiling hosts. I had…[you can guess it]…a cappuccino, and it was perfect for the morning wake-up call. The place also offered a selection of bagels and pastries, which I enjoyed the wheat bagel. Yum! Delicious.



2 // Lombard Cafe


This cafe was not on my initial list, but I randomly ran into it on my way to lunch. After a yummy Philly Cheese Steak sandwich for lunch, I found myself right back at this charming cafe for an early afternoon…cappuccino. Small but quaint, this place hosted a rustic, old school feel complete with a children’s antique school desk and antique picture frames. With its corner street view, this placed offered the perfect ‘people’ watching experience. On the corner of a busy street, this place kept me entertained for hours.

3 // Old City Coffee, Inc.

After telling the various locals about my own personal endeavor to discover coffee shops, this little spot was suggested to us. The menu offered various specialty coffees, that I could spend a great deal of time sipping and savoring. I had…the cappuccino. I really need to branch out, but this was ultimately the best one out of the few. To accompany the cappuccino, I nibbled on a chocolate croissant that disappeared too quickly.


These top three coffee shops were within walking distance of downtown. Within minutes, I was near the major landmarks and taking in the Philly views. I didn’t make it to Shot Tower Coffee and Elixr Coffee Roasters, but I saw fantastic reviews on Google+. I simply didn’t have enough time in a day and a half to see five coffee shops. [!!] That would have been a trip in itself. I was also very caffeinated after Old City Coffee. Have you been to Philly? What is your favorite cup of fantasticness at a coffee shop? [Read the Berlin Coffee Guide HERE.]