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We’re buying delicious turkeys for a holiday dinner, and celebrating fall colors. Then, the holly will grow and the candy cane brownies will tempt us with their delicate deliciousness. I have to get myself one of those. You scurry through department stores, and you listen to all your favorite holiday hits over the speakers. It’s that time of the year again. It’s the holidays. They seem to go quicker every year, and never slow down. While everyone is singing Christmas songs and going to holiday parties, I am undertaking one important task. I am planning my top 2017 travel destinations. TOP 2017 TRAVEL DESTINATIONS

I know. It’s November, but I always seem to start with my travel list before my Christmas list. Are you one of those people? I read top notch travel blog posts, see inspiring Pinterest pins and watch superb travel videos. All of them entice me to jump out of my chair, and plan that travel destination. There are quite a few HOT travel destinations that you see circling the internet. The beautiful thing about countries and travel, most likely than not, they will not go anywhere. If the destination feels a little overloaded, move that destination to the off season or another year. That’s what I’m doing with Iceland this year. I love the idea of visiting, but it feels a little overcrowded. It’s a strange feelings, but I don’t want to write this beautiful country completely out of my travel plans.

The year 2017 will be an exciting year. Not only will I finished my Masters in Leadership & Management, but I will move abroad to the hip European city of Berlin to start a new life. I can’t wait for the coffee shops, new friends to meet and [you guessed it] the extremely accessible European destinations. These are my top destinations:


First on the list, a place that I hope will be warm. As a California girl, I ultimately know that I will freeze in Berlin. I suppose after about a month, I will be ready to hit the warmer temperatures and sunshine. After seeing beautiful pictures of Greece, I can’t wait to see this beautiful country and capture it with the camera. The relaxing and vibrant vibe of this country will need to be experienced.


I will bundle up for this one, because I am hitting the slopes in Europe. I have always wanted to experience skiing the Alps, and I will make it happen next year. The idea is to team up with my friends in Innsbruck and enjoy a quick weekend in the snow.


It is one of the top destinations in Europe, but it has to be on my list. Why? Because I have never really EXPERIENCED London. Yes, I’ve been to a few museums and saw Buckingham Palace. However, I have never hung with English peeps, have them tell me about the right cider to drink and take me to all their favorite coffee shops.


Portugal is HOT right now on top destinations, and I can’t pass it up because it looks beautiful. The idea is to visit in early 2017 to avoid the crowds and enjoy a bit of sunshine. Oh, and that color! Portugal is full of vibrant, beautiful colors.


I have been told, that this beautiful country next door to Germany is a hidden gem. Well, I will only be a short train ride or quick flight to this beautiful country. After seeing amazing pictures on Instagram, this place will be prime real estate to photograph.


Charming canals and brick buildings, Amsterdam is my type of city. It has been more than four years since my last visit to this beautiful country, so I am hoping to make it into a photography sensation. Do you have any small village recommendations in the Netherlands?

7 // PERU

The best will be saved for last, because I am going to discover this beautiful country as a celebration of completing my masters. This country offers fantastic backpacking tours and interactions with the charming locals. I loved New Zealand so much, I hope this beautiful country will offer a new but fascinating vibe that I will love just as much. Go Peru!

We are about to enter the busiest time of the year, and I am already planning for the next. This is typical Megan, but I am extremely excited about the opportunities that the next year will bring. With my new home Berlin, I can see Europe as a prime travel destination right in front of my doorstep. This will be a ride. Where is your top travel destinations?


About the Author:

Megan Thudium writes to elevate others through actionable and insight writing on topics like women leadership, gender equality and purposeful living. She lives in Berlin, Germany as a technology marketer and travels whenever possible.