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In a world of checklists, we seem to be constantly looking for new travel destinations. We cross off countries like it’s a working formula. We breeze down Italian cobblestone roads, because well, we’ve done it several times. We don’t think twice about introducing ourselves to that foreign guy, because well, we’ve done it a million times. Traveling, like any hobby or new skill, becomes better with practice. We become quicker on our feet, we find the best priced plane tickets and we become more confident. CELEBRATE YOUR TRAVEL ACCOMPLISHMENTS

However, have we ever stopped to think about how AMAZING our travel accomplishments really are. Some of us have marked off 50+ countries and lived abroad for multiple years. Some of us make money blogging full-time. These are amazing travel accomplishments that a majority of the population of the world only dreams. It only stays a dream for them. We are the dreamers, but we are also the achievers. We achieve our dreams.

I’m constantly reminded of how lucky I am to have traveled when I visit home. I’ve been working in a coffee shop for the last month to save money for more travels. I work with young people under 21 years old. As I pour out my travel stories, their eyes get bigger and bigger. I often hear words like: “I wish” and I want to”. I hope my travel stories will inspire them to discover new countries and think more global.

To wrap up this thought, this holiday season think about your travel accomplishments and celebrate them. Share them with others. Inspire others to seek the same travel dreams that you have accomplished. Share your travel accomplishment in the comments, and I will share on social media.

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