Tick, tick, tick. The year 2016 will soon be behind us, and I find myself reflecting back on this amazing [but different] year of travel. When you do finally make it to this point, you find yourself remembering the good times and not the bad times. You remember the challenge, but now it just seems like it was a breeze. You accomplished it. You did it. It’s behind you, and you’re stronger. My travel favorites of 2016 are few but rich. These memories were a new step in my traveling career, because the experiences were strongly focused on meaningful travel, enjoying a place for an extended period of time and soaking it all in. TRAVEL FAVORITES 2016

My travel destinations kicked off pretty early in 2016, but these were my favorites:



The year started with a beautiful drive through Germany’s Black Forest and the snow-covered Alps. The mountains are my best friend, and this experience was just perfect for a smooth entrance into 2016. The views were fantastic, and renting a car provided a new experience to ‘be up close and personal’ with destinations.



The Italy tour began. In less than one month, my friends and I covered thousands of miles from Rome to Venice soaking in the views of this beautiful country. We ate gelato [like very day.] We had chilled white wine in the hot Tuscan sun, and laughed with the locals. [I just revisited Italy on my Instagram.] It was fast-paced, but I wouldn’t take that experience back. I absolutely loved spending it with my girlfriends, and Italy is always a charmer.



I planted my feet in Innsbruck, Austria, and I fell in love with Austria all over again. I decided to take a three week German course in August. I wished to experience the local culture, explore at a steady pace and learn. I did! I met amazing people from Israel, Germany, France and more. This time of year was perfect for Austria.


I left my heart in Berlin, and I can’t wait to call it my home next year. September consisted of sitting in coffee shops, walking the Spree, meeting local blogger friends and living. Berlin is an amazing city, and I can’t wait to create more travel memories with her.

The end of the year is actually one of my favorite times [the other is the beginning], because it offers the opportunity to sit and reflect. I often forget how incredibly lucky I am to be traveling the world like I have. We need to remember to celebrate our travel accomplishments. They are beautiful and precious. I hope you have many exciting plans for your next upcoming year of travel. I want to know! Leave your destinations in the comments.