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It’s possible my friends. The idea of travel has become more and more universal, and I constantly have friends and family asking how I afford to travel like do. Well last year alone, I spent $8,000 USD on travel. This took me to Italy, Germany, Austria, Colorado, Switzerland and France. That was pretty much half my salary. Those places aren’t cheap, but I made it possible. One small reason, I keep my expenses down when traveling. HOW TO TRAVEL ON LESS THAN $40 A DAY

To achieve the $40 a day approach, you need to think of how you want to travel. Do you see yourself in luxury 5 star hotels? Do you want to walk into every museum? Do you wish to eat three meals a day in a restaurant? Personally, this is not me. If I ate three meals in a restaurant my entire trip, I might burst. These things are amazing, but the $40 a day theory is achievable when you limit this type of traveling. I would save this travel style at one or two places and a few days a week.

Last July, I was able to make my one month trip to Italy for under $2,500. This included the airfare, accommodation, tickets and food. How did I do it?


Long gone are the days of $1,000 RT tickets to Europe. The airline industry has become so competitive, prices are plunging to $400 or $500 RT to Europe. What!? The key is to fly budget airlines and pack light. These budget airlines include: WOW, EuroWings and TAP Portugal. Pack light in one small suitcase to avoid large baggage fees. [Discover my flight hacks HERE.]

I DON’T STAY IN HOTELS [unless it’s feasible]

Hotels are priced crazy. They really are, and they rarely offer the type of experience that I am looking for. I look for the home away from home. I stay in Airbnb, hostels and book through By doing this, I can keep my costs down to $20-$25 a night making my $40 a day budget. Staying in an Airbnb truly offers a fantastic experience. [Save $30 off your first visit by clicking HERE.]


Going out for food can be incredibly expensive. After the wine and dessert, your ticket can stretch into the $25-$30 range! What? I’m not asking you to not treat yourself, but I stay in budget by doing this only a few times a week. The rest of the time, I cook dinner and/or lunch in my Airbnb. I also grab little croissants or yogurts for breakfast. This approach got my girlfriends and I through Italy this summer.


I have bought souvenirs over the years, but when I travel home, they honestly disappear. Unless it’s something I love [like a scarf or bottle of wine], I don’t touch it many times after my arrival home. I suggest rethinking your souvenir approach. Purchase a Polaroid camera and take printable pictures on your travels. Then make a collage when you get home. Buy a bottle of wine and share it when friends at home.


Many cities offer beautiful gardens, strolls along lakes, hikes and free festivals. Those museum tickets can count up, so make sure to mix your day with both free and cost attractions.

In the end, my $40 a day budget looks something like this: $20 [accommodation] + $10 [food] + $10 [attractions] = $40. The $10 food and $10 attraction will fluctuate day to day based on the points above. This is the formula that works for me, but based on your own personal preferences and tastes, it might change. This is simply to show you that IT IS possible to travel cheap, and money doesn’t need to be a factor to hold you back. Could you travel on $40 a day?

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