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This last year was an epic year of travel. I planned new experiences, witnessed beautiful sights and drank Italian spritz. I created so many special moments with old and new friends. It was another great year of travel.

Where did I go?

>>  Strasbourg, France

>>  Black Forest, Germany

>>  Lake Garda, Italy

>>  Geneva, Switzerland

>>  Dijon, France

>>  Paris, France

>>  Colorado

>>  Rome, Italy

>>  Tuscany, Italy

>>  Florence, Italy

>>  Pisa, Italy

>>  Rapallo, Italy

>>  Milan, Italy

>>  Verona, Italy

>>  Venice, Italy

>>  Innsbruck, Austria

>>  Bolzano, Italy

>>  Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

>>  Zurich, Switzerland

>>  Lucerne, Switzerland

>>  Berlin, Germany

Listing these magical places like this is giving me the “WOW” feel. I can’t believe I saw and experienced all these magical places. It was truly a spectacular experience.

At the beginning of 2016, I took a road trip around southern Germany, northern Italy and France. Then, most of my travels were in a three month period this last July through September. I traveled the unbeaten path staying in certain locations longer and taking classes.


>>  Strasbourg, France through Paris, France

Accommodation: $500

Plane Ticket: $800

Food: $300

Other (souvenirs, gas, insurance, road tariffs): $200

TOTAL: $1,800

I kept cost down on this trip by staying in Airbnb and cooking dinners. We also did a bit of hiking and walking. This kept us out of the expensive museums.

>>  Rome, Italy through Venice, Italy

Accommodation: $500

Flight: $800

Food: $400

Other (attraction tickets, toll roads, insurance): $500

TOTAL: $2,200

During this trip, I traveled with three other girls cutting our costs four ways. This helped extremely on the car rental and Airbnb costs. This trip was almost 4 weeks!

>>  Innsbruck, Austria through Berlin, Germany

Switzerland trip: $350

Accommodation in Innsbruck: $400/month

Food in Innsbruck: $200/month

Other (tickets, short bus and train trips): $200/month

Accommodation in Berlin: $650/month

Food in Berlin: $200

TOTAL: $2,000

Austria and Germany was a different type of travel. I found a student room in Innsbruck and stayed for the month taking a German class. Because I wasn’t living as a tourist everyday, I was able to cut down on expenses. I was also able to cook my food, which is always a big plus. It was the same idea in Berlin. I stayed in an Airbnb and did A LOT of walking. In every city, you have beautiful free places to visit.

Overall, I visited all these beautiful and magical places for $6,000. WOW! In between travels, I worked busing tables, making smoothies and marketing to save money for my travels and make them possible. It’s possible for you to travel this cheap also. The key is to making meals, traveling with others to cut costs in Airbnb and buying bargain plane tickets. Cut costs on your major expenses like flight and accommodation, then you will always be winning. Where did you travel in 2016?

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