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We scroll through amazing instagram photographs everyday conveying a life of endless margaritas, breathtaking views and glorious hotels. We sigh. I want to be there also ya’ll! It’s dreamy, and it’s the story Instagram has painted of a traveler’s life. But I’m a traveler, and it’s not my life [yet]. THINGS YOU GIVE UP WHEN YOU LIVE A LIFE OF TRAVEL

For many when you decide to travel full-time or part-time, you make major life changes. Change can be good, but it can also be painstakingly hard. When I decided to travel, I was determined to try a different lifestyle than ‘the American Dream.’ In doing so, I left many pieces of everyday life behind that many believe is everyday life. This post is an attempt to give you a glimpse into the ‘non glamorous’ decisions on deciding to travel. And what I personally had to give up to create this life of adventure. Don’t be discouraged! The positive experiences and life-long memories outweigh all of these negatives, but I never want my readers to be unprepared.

These are things you give up when you live a life of travel:

1 // The Latest Apple Products

Which iPhone version are we on? I honestly can’t recall, because about 5 years ago, I gave up trying to ‘keep’ up. I love my Apple products, and you can say that I am an apple fanatic. However, I’ve given up having the latest version, because that adds not only expenses to my [traveling] life but stress. Stress from the worry of my expensive equipment being stolen. Currently, I have a 2010 MacBook Pro laptop, iPhone 5C and iPad mini. No more, no less. Perfect.

2 // A Place to Call Mine

As an American dreamer, I one day dream of having my ‘own’ place. It will be a beautiful small cottage in the forest. Quaint. Quiet. And small. [Before traveling this size house wasn’t the dream.] Until then, I sleep in the spare room of my parent’s house. I live with my girlfriends on the weekends, and I rent cheap rooms out of people’s houses. I don’t own a place that is [mine.] Along with this, furniture. I own no furniture.

3 // Weddings + Family Reunions

This one is a bit sad. In the last two years, I made every effort to be home for the holidays, attend my cousin’s wedding and see my aging grandparents at family reunions. However, the more I travel and the further I go, it becomes more and more difficult. This is part of the traveler’s life. The more you travel, the more you make hard life choices.

4 // A Million Shoes

I used to own 30 shoes. I know this is a small number for women. Over the last two years, it went from 30 to 25, then 25 to 20, then is completely went down to 5 [maybe]. What changed this? The weight charges on checked-in luggage.

5 // Coffee Dates with Girlfriends

This still happens, but instead, it happens all over the world. I have three amazing best friends, and I love them to death. However, one lives in Canada, another in San Francisco and the other in Los Angeles. I see them maybe once or twice a year. Our encouragement is through pictures and messages on Facebook. I don’t have coffee with them all the time [like I’d like to], but when we are together, it’s golden.

6 // Starbucks Coffee

Somewhere along the journey, I just stopped drinking Starbucks [all together]. It might have been after New Zealand’s coffee or Austria’s coffee…despite I never go to Starbucks anymore. If I do, it’s for dessert.

Despite these challenges, I love the life that I’m creating for myself. It won’t be forever, and it might only be for the next couple of years; however, giving these few things up has allowed me to gain so much more. So much more experiences. So much more personal development. So much more memories. I would never take this lifestyle back, and I hope to encourage you to pursue a similar one. What are your thoughts on this?

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