I was wrapped in three layers plus a jacket, and I still shivered from the cold. I wouldn’t highly, highly recommend visiting Mostar, Bosnia in the dead of winter. However, it did offer a winter landscape and no tourists. Sometimes those two things are grand reasons. This charming city lies between the mountains of Bosnia and the Croatian coastline. Only a few hours from Dubrovnik, Mostar would be a fantastic day trip from the fishing city. In the summer, the area offers wine tasting. This was something that I wasn’t aware of before I visited, but after a quick tasting, I was sold. This region offers some fantastic wine. STUNNING PHOTOS OF MOSTAR BOSNIA

Mostar is known for the iconic Old Bridge “Stari Most“, which is has a narrow staircase and beautiful views from the top. During winter, my main concern was not slipping on the iced stone. From more recent readings, I’ve read that this is a concern during all times of the year. The problem never seems to go away. It is still one of the coolest places to visit in the city. Plus during the winter, I witnessed these fantastic ice formations. The city is unique with it’s mix of middle east and European culture, clashes of religions and landscapes.

If I can find a cheap flight from Berlin, I will visit this lovely city again in 2017. Maybe in the summer would be a good idea. Have you ever been to Bosnia?