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When I started the mission of looking for a flight to Europe, I only had one word in mind to paraphrase the experience. Cheap. I’m pretty much broke as a new master student and coordinating all my travels to move abroad. Because of this, traveling by the cheapest means was at the forefront of my mind. HOW I BOOKED A $220 FLIGHT TO LONDON, ENGLAND

To find this deal, I used patience, my flight hacks, flexibility and patience. I emphasize patience, because I searched for weeks checking different times and trying different websites. Through the process, I discovered several cheap airlines flying from Florida [where I live] to Europe. These cheap airlines included Norwegian and EuroWings.

Previously I traveled with EuroWings on my flight from Germany to Florida. It was a budget airline, but honestly, it was affordable, comfortable with excellent German efficiency and service. I had no complaints here.

This time on the way back to Europe, I booked with Norwegian, which is doing very affordable plane tickets connecting through London, England. I knew I only had to travel to London, England, and from there I could jump on a cheap, budget airline to anywhere in Europe. It was all starting to shape up. In the end, I booked a very affordable ticket to Europe. [I even believe I could’ve found a cheaper one, if I searched longer and harder.] When you look for your own affordable flight to Europe, keep these few things in mind.

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Being flexible with your flight options will usually lead to better deals. This flexibility involves travel dates, times and airports. On my way to London, I’m flying through Gatwick, not London Heathrow. It’s a little bit further outside of London, but it offers fantastic [and affordable] connections to the city center. Furthermore, many budget airlines only fly on certain days of the weeks. If you can organize your flight schedule to flying out on a Wednesday and coming home on a Thursday, you will find better options.

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Research multiple flight websites for the best price, wait for the perfect moment and book on the airline website. Booking on search websites is okay, but I prefer to leave my chances with the airline.

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Fly with minimal luggage. This is where the budget airlines snag you, but for the $50 upgrade I still find it cheaper than most major airlines. On my way from Germany, I traveled on EuroWings for $250, which included dinner, seat reservation and luggage hold. It’s up to your comfort level, but if I’m going for a short one or two week trip, I will fly “bare” and take carry-on luggage only.

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Consider booking multiple one way tickets when the price is cheaper. This option will take a bit more research and coordination on your part, but it can prove a couple $100 in savings. You can consider flying straight to a major European hub, but then connecting with another airline [with a separate ticket] to your final destination.

If you’re still wandering how the heck I snagged this great deal, make sure to read my other blog post about fantastic FLIGHT HACKS. With the emergence of these new budget airlines, travel seems more affordable and obtainable than ever before. Take advantage of the moment [before it disappears] and visit a place you’ve never been. What is the cheapest flight you’ve ever found?

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