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For the last couple months I’ve been preaching to my readers the importance of meaningful travel and sharing how I’m going to incorporate that into my travel plans for 2017. I wrote many reflective posts on the subject and you can see them HERE and HERE. However, I still wrote the same [type] of post that I write every year. My 2017 travel goals. I believe it’s great to have goals, but I also believe this post is contradicting the type of travel lifestyle that I am trying to develop. I’M CHANGING MY 2017 TRAVEL GOALS

How am I going to change my travel goals this year?

It’s simple. Instead of pegging top destinations as my goals [and many of these are encouraged through Instagram], I going to strive to have certain experiences as my goals. In addition to this, I wish to encourage myself to travel on a whim, and experience places that aren’t on the charted map. It sounds easy enough, but this is actually a unique challenge for me. I’m the type of personality that needs to have a set plan months and months, even years and years in advance. I’m working on this, because I have discovered that life brings you the best experiences when you least expect them. I want to experience these moments.

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What am I doing now to conquer this challenge?

A few days ago I booked a ticket to Rzeszów, Poland. Where the heck is that, you might ask? It’s in the mountains of south Poland, and it’s suppose to be beautiful. I made this decision to travel to this city, because the flight was cheap, and it appeared in my inbox. I have no prior expectations of the place, and I have no idea what to expect. From the little research I’ve done on Pinterest, it appears to be a quiet and charming town. It will be a great place for a coffee.

Here we go. As much as I love setting goals and destinations at the beginning of the year, I’m excited to change my perspective and pursue destinations on a whim. I believe this process will make the experiences more meaningful to me, which is the WHOLE idea of the type of travel I’m creating.

Another city that I’m scouting [because it’s a cheap flight] is Bucharest, Romania. I’ve never heard of Bucharest, but the more I think of it, heck Romania would be an adventure. I met a Romanian last August in my German class, and she said her country was beautiful [and untouched.] This sounds like a perfect meaningful destination.

Now, I don’t want to sound like a hypocrite. I’m still traveling to Spain and England, because I’ve booked my tickets/hostels. It’s part of my meaningful travel goals. However once I land in Berlin, my destinations are going to be dictated by a “oh, that sounds beautiful” and “oh, that’s a cheap ticket” travel decision. No expectations. FlixBus will be my friend, because it offers cheap bus rides to local cities outside of Berlin. This might include Hamburg, Dresden, Leipzig and Poznan. I’m not going to get too excited here. I’ll try to keep with this “on the whim” planning goal, which will be a very unique challenge for me. I’m also searching for more of a expat lifestyle and less of a traveler’s lifestyle. It will be more of a sit back, enjoy and experience feeling. The first step in developing a new and unique lifestyle is too simply try. That is what I’m doing. I’m brainstorming. I’m reflecting, and I’m dreaming of a lifestyle that isn’t the norm. What destination did you visit on a whim?

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