I’m back in the sunny state of Florida, and I somehow managed to visit all my friends and family in California last week. It was like a dream [literally] as I skipped around Southern California, having loads of coffee and hiking. I lived in California for 10 years, but that doesn’t mean this wonderful area doesn’t hold new adventures. My best friend and I had a magical Saturday in Long Beach exploring abandon places and sipping coffee. Yes, I took her to two coffee shops. [More on that coffee shop later.] However, the highlight of that day was exploring Sunken City Landslide in Long Beach/San Pedro.

This interesting spot was actually part of a neighborhood at one point. Well between erosion and everything else, it literally fell of the side of a cliff into the ocean. Now it’s a perfect place to explore [illegally] and take fun photographs.

It’s always fun meeting people on these small adventures. It was a Saturday morning, so the area was bustling. I met many other travel bloggers in the Southern California area, snapping away.

We had to walk around a bit to find the best location to jump the fence. Yes, I said it. We jumped a fence. The best place to hop was near the Point Fermin park. It wasn’t legal or [quit] safe, so make sure to be careful.

Once [under] the fence, we walked up and down a few hills and found ourselves in the middle of this interesting place. It was interesting seeing the old concrete from the streets, jagged and sticking up from the ground. Old and expensive palm trees in the middle of a concrete slab once marked the side of a street corner. How interesting is that?

[bctt tweet=”It was interesting seeing the old concrete from the streets, jagged and sticking up from the ground.” username=””]

Make sure to always grab a friend to explore abandon places. If not just for the company, it’s always go to have a second pair of eyes for safety. I chose the best girl to have my back!

Oh California, you hold hidden treasures. If you’re looking for a fun one hour excursion in the Los Angeles area, Sunken City is the place to explore. I become a little bit braver every time I visit a place like this. I’m slowly working myself up for when I go off exploring in Eastern Germany. I know there are a few amazing places. However, the German police scare me way more than American police. Loads of courage. Don’t forget to pin the pictures if you liked reading this post. Have you ever explored an abandon place?

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