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Thousands of miles around the globe, with adventures in New Zealand, Europe and beyond. I conquered traveling Italy in the summer with pick pocketing around every corner, and I dodged them regularly. What is all this leading up to?

After all these adventures, I left my beautiful MacBook Pro on a bus. Granted it was about 7 years old, but it had gotten me through countless adventures and university. Did I expect to lose it? No. Did I call the bus company? Yes. Did I have all my pictures, design files and documents on the computer? No. BUT they were on my external hard drive in computer case. Great luck that scenario gave me.

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But such is life. Sometimes life sucks sucks. It really does. You think you have it all figured out, then a gigantic curve ball is thrown your way. I thought I knew what I was doing when I traveled with my computer, but the truth is, life happens. It just took one time for the laptop to be out of my suitcase, free roaming and waiting to be left on a seat. It was yelling “take me, take me. I want a new owner.” Well darling, you certainly got a new owner, and I got a new friend called MacBook Air. Her is name is Dolly, and I’m not going to let Dolly out of my sight.

So, this is what I’ve learned from this tragic story. I might sound humorous about this, but it’s the only thing I can do to keep myself from being frustrated about it [and happy to have Dolly now]. Sometimes you just have to laugh your stupidity off.

1  //  Insure your computer.

If you travel thousands of miles around the globe a year, your computer becomes a type of lifeline. It’s my income, so that makes it uber important. My last MacBook Pro was a 2010, so I don’t believe it was worth insuring. Will I insure this computer? I will most consider it. Consider insuring your hardware that is a major investment and at risk when you travel.

2  //  Back up, back up, back up.

Back up your computer, but don’t back up your disk to an external hard drive [like me]. If you do, keep that disk at home while you travel, so it is a true back up. God forbid, don’t leave it in your computer case with your forgotten computer. A second option, I love DropBox. A one year subscription is very affordable, and I can link all my content across multiple devices. This is particularly useful when you edit your pictures on your iPad and post them with you iPhone. It’s golden.

3  //  Don’t leave it in the open.

I made the dire mistake of carrying my laptop in my hands, which encouraged me to set it down when I jumped into a taxi or a bus. Keep the electronics in your backpack, suitcase or purse. Having it as an extra item leads it to be more likely to be forgotten. The less items you carry the better.

That is my sad tale of the lost computer. It sucks, but this is one of the many risks that you take when you travel frequently. Through this experience, I have learned my lesson [hard], and I can see myself in the future keeping this dear Dolly closer and closer. I’ll never let her fly the nest. Have you ever lost something important on your travels?

On a happy note, I’m finally in Berlin. I’m running around like a crazy women trying to understand the residence permit, but I’m very happy to be here. Cheers to new adventures!

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