I have this unbelievable craving for all things bright and colorful. Urban. Unique. Vibrant. You can use these words to describe the unique photograph shots that my camera always seems to catch. The camera never drops from vibrant street art, and I know live in one of the most known cities in the world for it. Berlin. Berlin is crazy about street art. It’s in hidden alleyways. They have dedicated exhibits and communities for street art. There’s this underlying respect for this art form, that I’ve come to recognize and respect since moving to Berlin. We’re not talking graffiti here. We’re talking art. You can call it urban art. TOP STREET ART SCENES IN BERLIN FRIEDRICHSHAIN

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Street art can be found everywhere in Berlin. You’ll see it in doorways, on walls, the side of trains, under bridges and on screens. You’ll be walking down a street, and [bam] your eye will catch a colorful art piece hidden [but not too hidden] from the world. You just have to be watching. Often these types of art pieces have a political message, but I have found the scenes in Berlin are more vibrant. You’ll find colorful murals of animals, robots and faces. It’s a way of expressing the unique spirit of Berlin – which sometimes can be political – in a nonverbal form. Berlin has much to say to the world. We just have to be listening with an open heart and an open mind. What do you think they’re saying?

I wanted to discover more about this exciting street art community. I teamed up with Local Guddy and Inish at Berlin.Snout to discover COLOR in Friedrichshain. On a three-hour walking tour, the wonderful guide Inish toured me around hidden and known places in Friedrichshain. Her exciting stories and knowledge about the local community and the street artists never stopped. She was an unbelievable fountain of fruitful facts and information about this unique art medium. It was sweet to walk the streets with her, and learn about this new community.


Blues. Purple. Yellow. Green. Paper. The street art in this area took on many different forms, and through Inish’s guidance, I even began to recognize artists trends. I was jumping with joy asking questions about local artists and asking about hidden street art pieces. She was patient with my unique silliness, but very excited to share her knowledge and love for street art.

The tour not only provided insight into this art community, but also the vibrant community of Friedrichshain. You need to think cafes, art studios, bright colors, fun characters and a chill, chill environment. This is a community that you need to discover when in Berlin, and it’s on my radar as a next home destination. Summertime in this community will be rocking.


If you’re a local or passing through, the street art tour with Inish is a must do. It’s the perfect afternoon and gives you a small glimpse into WHY we love Berlin as much as we do. We adore her. Our Berlin. While in Friedrichshain, make sure to check out one of my favorite coffee houses called Silo Coffee. Have you ever taken a street art tour?

— Thank you Local Guddy and Inish for sponsoring this wonderful afternoon in Berlin. I highly recommend this trip, and I encourage you to use the website Local Guddy to find fantastic tours in cities around the world by local residents. 

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