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I write to empower change towards gender equality and to elevate humans towards a purposefully-driven life.

A world human on an equality revolution.

The purpose of this blog is to create a positive and actionable voice on the internet for the topics of women leadership, feminism, equality, purpose-finding and travel.

I have a Masters in Management specializing in women leadership. I am a seasoned writer, world traveler, creative marketer, inspiring leader and speaker.

Life is a growing journey, and I surely don’t have it all figured out. But I have come to one simple conclusion. I like helping people. I like discovering people’s talents, nurturing them and inspiring them to reach their full potential. As an inspiring woman leader, I hear the constant conversation on how women still earn less than men, or how women believe strongly in their education inspire for the corner office but they never get there. I ask: ‘why.’ I’m on a mission to find solutions to solving these problems. The journey starts here by providing a voice to these topics, supporting others, and championing change.

This is my mission, but I’m also human and I have hobbies. My biggest hobby is travel and living abroad in Berlin, Germany. This blog is also my creative outlet – along with other creative insights that are always changing.