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My mission is to elevate humans and help them realize their potential.

How?…. through positive and actionable writing.


The purpose of this blog is to create a positive and actionable voice on the internet for the topics of women leadership, feminism, equality and travel.


I have a Masters in Management specializing in women leadership. I am a seasoned writer, world traveler, creative marketer, inspiring leader and speaker.

Life is a growing journey, and I surely don’t have it all figured out. But I have come to one simple conclusion. I like helping people. I like discovering people’s talents, nurturing them and inspiring them to reach their full potential. As an inspiring woman leader, I hear the constant conversation on how women still earn less than men, or how women believe strongly in their education inspire for the corner office but they never get there. I ask: ‘why.’ I’m on a mission to find solutions to solving these problems. The journey starts here by providing a voice to these topics, supporting others, and championing change.

This is my mission, but I’m also human and I have hobbies. My biggest hobby is travel and living abroad in Berlin, Germany. This blog is also my creative outlet – along with other creative insights that are always changing.

A world human on an equality revolution.

We all have a story to tell. And stories can spark a revolution.

This was the first time that I was called BOSSY.

The first time I was called bossy, it came unexpected from my boss someone that I held in high regard because of their position. It was not until after the situation that I started to realise how those words made me feel. I was called ‘bossy’ for asking if they had read my email. I was following up on the email verbally, because it was pretty important to me. I was called ‘bossy’ for doing this and then I was told there would be pity for the person that married me.

It’s time to stop calling our young women BOSSY and instead call them LEADERS. We can only end gender inequality together, hand-in-hand and with a unified voice. Let’s explore more on this topic.