Online Growth Strategy

I’m here to help you maximize your growth online – and the best way to get known and have an impact is through a purposeful content strategy. Humans are embraced with a trove of information in today’s digitalized world. A strategy rooted in the visitor experience and Google-friendly increases your chances of being found online.

What is a content marketing strategy? Content marketing is the means of educating the customer about your products and services through relevant and helpful information.

What can a content strategy provide?

  • A strong beginning to a converting sales funnel
  • The means of capturing and nurturing potential leads from multiple channel sources
  • Optimized and purposeful web content that drives sales
  • Builds awareness, creditability and trust with customer

The strategy process is crafted based on your target audience, customer journey and target persona. Work with a content strategy expert that is dedicated to your success. By the end of the coaching, you will have:

  • An understanding of your target persona and customer journey
  • An understanding of what is content strategy, marketing nurturing, SEO, a pillar page, and the importance of a download attachment
  • A working content framework to continue building your content presence after project completion
  • A private content strategist for one-on-one instruction

Online Entrepreneurs & Individuals

A private consultation on blog growth & content strategy will be a 2-part process involving two 60-minute workshops to discuss strategies to boost your content online and get noticed. We’ll discuss:

  • Customer Journey Roadmap & Buyer Persona Workshop

  • Introduction to content strategy Workshop

Startups & Small Business

A private consultation on customer journey, content strategy and content framework will be a 6-week process involving several workshops & private one-on-one to discuss a content strategy to begin your marketing nurturing process. Overview of the project:

  • 6-week process and one-on-one workshops with an content expert
  • An understanding of your customer journey with a physical Customer Journey Roadmap & Buyer Persona given
  • Personalized and mapped content plan including downloads and email idealization tailored to your customer, product and personal business success for a marketing nurturing process
  • A working framework to continue building your content presence after project completion
  • A content strategy & marketing nurturing process framework  tailored to your business
  • A private content strategist for one-on-one instruction
  • Week 1 – Meet & Greet Meeting

  • Week 2 – Intelligence Gathering Workshop

  • Week 3 & 4 – Target Persona, CJ & CS Creation

  • Week 5 – Get Started with your Content Strategy Workshop

  • Week 6 – Feedback Loop Meeting

  • 6-Month Check-up: How is it going?

Crafting a lead-generating content marketing strategy is no easy journey. It is deeply rooted in strategy, SEO, and smart content marketing steps that elevate your brand’s position and turns your everyday website visitors into customers.

We Create Content With Purpose.