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>>>  I stood in the middle of a gigantic valley. The sky was pitch black and a blanket of stars stretched across the sky. I had never seen so many stars before. I closed my eyes and breathed the cool, damp air. My eyes opened quickly. A snow avalanche vibrated the entire valley of Mt. Cook National Park in New Zealand. [READ my free eBook.]

>>>  I stood at a cross road. One vividly green pathway went to the right and another went to the left. I was hiking the Alps south of Innsbruck, Austria. I was lost. My phone made an unpleasant gurgle sound as it indicated that it was losing power. “Go left,” she said. “Go right,” she said. I have no idea. Silent whistling approaches from behind as an elderly Austrian walks up pushing a buggy. I was no longer lost, and I made a friend.

My name is Megan, and I am a 24-year old wanderluster. It started with my first trip abroad. I studied [aka vacationed] abroad in the beautiful country of Austria for 4 months during university. The thrills were sweet, the apple strudel sweeter and the memories grand. Since that experience, I developed an unbelievable craving to wander and explore. The wanderlust never went away, but graduation and life became relevant. As a new graduate, I started my first full-time job. One year later and unhappy, I quit the American dream and bought a ticket to New Zealand for my first solo trip abroad. Now almost three years since graduation, I am a completely new person, because of travel. I am stronger. I am braver. I don’t fear the unknown, and I love what I do. Travel has become part of my identity providing me with previously unknown opportunities. In 2017, I will visit my 25th country adding more travel memories to the two above, and I will move abroad to Germany to become an expat. [Sign up for emails to not miss these experiences!]

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Dancing on rooftops in Italy. #WeTheDreamSeekers

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When in doubt, travel to #Croatia. Perfection. #WeTheDreamSeekers

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We enjoyed capturing those perfect moments on a hike a few weeks ago. #California 🌿

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